Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It has been a while...

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late...Did the vacation thing the 2nd week in August. When I came back they created some major problems at work, so I have been very busy trying to get all of that back into order. Didn't play Lineage for two weeks in August due to this, but finally getting around to posting some screenshots from this week and last.

This first screenshot was from a trip up to visit seer, seems we have been hitting 20f alot lately. Got this on the way up one of the times. Cdai though =] Seer was not up on this trip.

Kaya, Requa, and I made a trip up to 20f again to check on our multi-eyed buddy, yet again he was not up.

Went on another trip with p4, requa, maliton and kayanow to look for seer. We had a bit of misfortune as Maliton was caught off-guard by the Seer and took him down. I Immuned up and started wacking on him to seek revenge for Mal. I was the only one tanking this thing lol, shame there were no drops to speak of though =(

Asked MerryXmas if he wanted to go 10th to check for ZQ we made it there, just no ZQ to be found =/ Sigh not having much luck find the bosses up. Merry was a little green that we couldn't find the ZQ.

Gates to Diad were open and I heard that "the tank" of our pledge Huhs was down there with Dave. I decided to go join them. The Spawn there was getting freaking insane...and what is even more insane is the amount of mops she can tank...OMGG Granted Dave and I were healing her like crazy...but still she has to be able to take the hits and such. Needless to say I am more and more amazed everytime I hunt with her. I forgot to take a screenshot when the screen was loaded with mops, I was too busy healing!! Only got this drop its the equal of a n-zel.

Thats all for now, hopefully there will be more exciting things to come at some point. Maybe after we get the LOA Ruleset!! Looking forward to the 1% deaths, No Soft-Ac, and boosts to my various magic. I should be able to level alot faster when the new rules hit =] Almost 60% closing in on DK!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yup, Definitely Back...

So yeah... I did it again. With some help from Chillin and Halliwell this time...

And yes, apparently Dire Wolves "DO" drop Holy Walk.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Im Back....Sorta

Hey everyone. I'm back to Lineage (as I always knew I would be) although I might not post as often as I used to. I'm not gonna waste alot of time so here come the drops. This is all since I came back a few weeks ago...

No, I didn't solo this guy....or did I?

Always fun to end bapho, even if he drops junk these days.

Actually found this lady twice in two days. Dropped ok once.

And now some other random drops..

So here are some of my more recent drops. I have been hunting the resistance village area quite a bit lately. While I haven't quite gotten rich, it still has paid off pretty well. Oh, and I've been hunting down there for about a week, but all three of these dropped within one 24 hour period. Go figure...

And what would a post by me be without embarrassing Clink just a bit...

To each their own fetish I guess...

Until next time...


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This week in Lineage...

I have been doing my normal leveling routine, trying to get at least 1-2% a day. I am really hoping for 50% by this Sunday. I need to kick it up a notch if I want to reach that by then though. KOD owned Diad the seige before last so the gates were open. Clink and I meet up with Dcwalker down in the Resistance Cave for a little bit of hunting. I had never been into Diad before it is a pretty big place, this screenshot is inside of the gates where we were looking for the Resistance Cave teleporter. We did not get anything to speak of during that trip, but Dcwalker has been spending alot of time down there. They have gotten a Beast Tamers Robe, and a Black Wizard Robe recently. Dc seems to have all the luck =]

A friend of mine just reached a nice milestone in his level up quest. I have been throwing him bless weps and heals randomly when I saw him leveling. Congrats 6oldenn6reek on the BIG 60!!!
Went on a TOI hunt with ZHansZ, P4anormix and new pledgemate Haterade. Had been a while since I had traveled up the 11-20 section of Toi. It was much easier than I had remembered it. Made it to the 20th floor and we headed toward the big room. We rounded the corner and I noticed I got hit for around 250-300 dmg!! We knew Seer was up =] I retreated healed my dmg cast Immune and jumped back into the action! He dropped pretty quick. No great drops to speak of, but it was the first Seer end I had been a part of. ( I even pulled some drops =] )

Pillhead seemed to be on a Boss Finding conquest last night. He called the Caspa Crew was up. Clink, ZHansZ and I were in the area so we decided to take them out. Best drop out of the four was a Cancel spellbook, forgot the ss. While we were ending them Pillhead called for Ancient Giant. Although, by the time I made it to the entrance of TOI Huhs and David had already made quick work of him. Nzel was best from him.

I was part of a blog interview yesterday. It can be found here:

Hope to have one more update before Monday. As I will not be on Lineage all next week, vacation time for me. Cruising the Caribbean =]


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Drop Luck Continues =]

Here are some screenshots over the past week since the last update. Chillin called for dark elder up, we tele'd in and found MerryXmas there as well. We made quick work of the DE. Love how MR makes a huge difference on being able to tank bosses =]

No drops from that Dark Elder, par for the course...Asked Merry to go on a DVC6, never been on a hunt with Merry so was a cool first hunt with him. On the way down to DVC5 we were talking about tames and such and we decided to get me some of these for the hunt on 6th. He explained that they are almost or as strong as direwolves. I hope this holds true =]

They are a big pain to tame! Even with him casting Erase Magic on them I had a hard time taming them with 14sp. Granted it would be harder for me as I am not a Int based Mage to begin with (headed in that direction though!) They Muryans had to be at almost 0 hp to tame them, was a pain but worth it.

They made quick work of the Queens and regular Scubbus on DVC6, only drop worth mentioning from down there is a Dark Robe. Still no Lightning Storm SB or that elusive Ring of Teleport Control. After coming back up to the surface another DE was up, well I wanted to see how I could fair against it solo...needless to say my muryans died =/ and I had to tele. I think if Direwolves are a little stronger I will not have any problem taking him on solo =]

Did a DI hunt with Clink...him and I get some of the best drops possible where ever we go!!

Should have an experience update for everyone soon...I have been slacking a little bit on this level experience wise. I am hoping to reach DK sometime in September. More to come...


Friday, July 21, 2006

Old Screenshots (Round 2)

Decided not to install photoshop on the other computer but rather transfer all of the screenshots via my jump drive. (Which I had misplaced, it was in a cargo pocket in my shorts and it got washed!!!!! It still works, so I have a clean jump drive now! =]) So I scanned through the 400ish old screenshots and pulled out a couple of the more interesting ones...well at least I thought majority of them were not that interesting as I was a lower level then, and was limited to my hunting locations due to my connection at the time (stupid dialup). Anyhow on with the screenshots...

This first screenshot was taken with a good friend of mine during a Poly event, when he moved to LOA he left all of his items to me. He is the one that won the Lineage Compendium Scavenger Hunt back in the day.

This shot was taken on DI during a dragon hunt event, it was alot of fun it was so crowded you could not even walk around! The dragon ended a bunch of peeps multiple times in one hit! I think they spawned 3 of them, although I did not have screenshots of any of the others.

Here we have a Giran DM crew making it to the end of the DM and ending probably one of the toughest bosses present at the time. Funny part was after all of their effort they got no reward!!! Not much has changed in that department it sounds.

Someone had way too much time on their hands, I did not make it so merely took a screenshot. xSirensx--and you thought I had alot of time on my hands making that little heart.. lol

I really wish these types of thing went on more often in Lineage, as I feel they are good for morale and generally lighten the spirit of many.

Here is another really sweet item these boots are worth like 40 million I think...He said he blew multiple pairs to make them, that is just insane!!!

This was during a poly event, such a sweet morph! I may get there one day (years down the road haha)I should have some more up to date screenshots next week, Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Old Screenshots

Was fairly bored last night, so I was searching through a Lineage folder on a computer that I used to play on...I found a couple of interesting screenshots, I have to install photoshop on that computer so I can view all of the other files, alot of them are still in the .tga format that Lineage used to create screenshots in. The first one is probably the rarest weapon in Lineage

This other one was a pretty decent ac item, this item was around 3+ years ago, and I would still feel comfortable saying there are still not that many of them around.

I have yet to get some of the more recent in-game screenshots from the other computer I play on. I promise I will get them sometime! If I come across any other interesting ones from the old Lineage file I will gladly share them.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

In Memory of Scott Justin Hutchinson

I do not post personal things on this blog as it has only pertains to lineage things, but I felt this is a special and different situation.

Today(7/16/06) marks 5 years since my cousin Scott Justin Hutchinson was killed by a drunk driver. He was only 19 years old at the time, hurts me so much that I know he never got to experience life as an adult. There is not a day that goes by I do not think of him, I miss you greatly buddy I will catch up with you again one day. Love you man.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Two Posts in one week? Look out!

I got this sweet screenshot of a very rare drop that two of my pledgemates were lucky enough to get. So I figured this deserved a special post! I doubt I will ever see a drop like this as I have some of the worse drop luck on the server =]. Congrats you two!

Was helping a friend level out in Oren Wasteland and I kept bothering a bot who kept stealing our mops! Needless to say the program was not smart enough to venz or pump enough pots to keep it alive to an Elmore General...HAHA

On to some sad news...

Two friends of mine just recently left Lineage...Eisley who was part of Eden just recently quit due to various personal reasons. Good-bye Eisley!

Another friend of mine who just recently made DK, Brownknight quit as well. I am not sure his reasons behind this...I can only speculate that he reached his goal of DK and just wanted to quit. You too will be missed. I greatly appreciate the gifts you left for me! Thanks for everything you two!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sorry for lack of posts =]

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July (yes I know I am a little late =] )This will not be a very big update as most of the interesting screenshots are on the other computer I am able to play lineage on. Someone please remind me to take them off of that computer this weekend!! This was a cheap Phoenix, although I think a rof dropped to someone else.

Someone called DE was up, got there and we ended it fairly fast. I am glad I am able to tank the damage from Phoenix and DE now =]

Ele from our pledge called that DK was up so I called Anju and we went down as fast as we could! (I have never been on a DK run, as I do not know my way through the MLC and end up getting lost and by the time I find my way again its dead lol...) Anyhow...I actually made it this time! Although, this one dropped us an awesome drop of 0, not a single drop line!!WOOO

Will try to track down those other screenshots as soon as possible =]. Hopefully the orginal creator of this blog Mr. Dcwalker, helps provide everyone with more posts as well (if you see him in game tell him to make some posts!)